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Johanna Rosman
Associate Professor
jrosman at unc dot edu




Sean Hart
Ph.D. student
Project: Surface waves and currents over multiscale topography



Jianxing Wang
Ph.D. student
Project: Circulation and oxygen dynamics in wind-forced estuaries

Past lab members

Mika Malila, Postdoc, 2022-2023
Project: Wave transformation and circulation around small-scale bottom features on rocky shores

Kylie Showalter, Undergraduate researcher, 2022
Project: Boat wake wave transformation on a rough beach

Jana Haddad, Ph.D. student, 2016-2022
Project: Wave transformation across salt marshes

Joey Carter, Undergraduate researcher (Honors), 2020-2022
Project: Wave attenuation across living shoreline sills

Max Buglisi, Undergraduate researcher, 2021
Project: Flow and thermal stratification above Cape Fear River Lock and Dam 1

Zachary Hudspeth, Undergraduate researcher, 2020
Project: Applying the General Ocean Turbulence Model to understand vertical mixing in the Neuse River Estuary

Thomas Dix, Undergraduate researcher, 2019
Project: A model for understanding dissolved oxygen fluctuations in the lower Neuse River Estuary

Nathalie Eegholm, Undergraduate researcher (Honors), 2017-2018
Project: Modeling oxygen dynamics and predicting hypoxia in the Neuse River Estuary

David Marshall, Ph.D. student, 2013-2018
Project: Dynamics and mixing in a micro-tidal wind-driven estuary

Zack Saklad, Undergraduate researcher, 2018
Project: Representing salt marsh vegetation morphology and size distribution in a wave model

Xiao Yu, Postdoctoral researcher, 2015-2017
Project: Interaction of waves and currents with complex coral reef topography

Katharine Krovetz, Undergraduate researcher (Honors), 2016-2017
Project: Wave damping in salt marshes

Patrick Combe, Undergraduate researcher, 2015
Project: Analyzing the accuracy of a 3D mechanical scanning sonar for measuring small-scale seafloor topography

Roy TianUndergraduate researcher, 2014
Project: Simulating flow through idealized coral geometries

Rachel Housego, Undergraduate researcher (Honors), 2012-2013
Project: Investigating feedbacks between sediment dynamics and oyster reef growth using a coupled differential equation model

Kyle Hinson, Undergraduate researcher, 2013
Project: Conditions leading to vertical mixing in the upper Neuse River estuary

Elizabeth Paul, Summer REU, 2013
Project: Computer simulations to improve interpretation of turbulence measurements beneath waves

Adam Balfour, Undergraduate researcher, 2012
Project: Design and evaluation of Lagrangian drifters

Chris Cook, Undergraduate researcher, 2012
Project: Dispersion estimates from drifter measurements

Jeremy Pivor, Summer REU (co-advised), 2011
Project: Scope and scale of water clarity improvement by an intertidal oyster reef

Shelby Marshall, Undergraduate researcher, 2010
Project: Hydrodynamics of shallow oyster reefs: Effects of water depth, reef size, and reef roughness